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Jediv Cargo Management specialises in the handling of Over Dimension Cargo. It has the resources, expertise and the reach, to handle large and heavy consignments of various dimensions at the site of origin. Once we take responsibility of the consignment, we supervise and closely monitor the movement of the same from origin to destination.
With a team of ODC experts and a fleet of appropriate special equipment, Jediv can ensure a safe, secure and on time delivery of a variety of cargo to global destinations across major business centres and ports.
Jediv can handle cargo like transformers, large pipes, earth moving equipment, huge vehicles, drilling equipment, yachts, machinery, excavators, tractors, loaders, harvesters, locomotives and more.
The complete shipment, from delivering the cargo to port, loading on the vessel, and delivering the consignment safely to the port of destination is professionally co-ordinated and executed with the aid of a full range of material handling equipment such as cranes, lighters, heavy lift trucks for sea and overland operations.
Jediv Cargo Management can also offer ancillary services like packing, crating, and lashing/choking, survey, transportation, etc. which enables it to offer a truly complete Over Dimension Cargo handling experience to its customers.

Management Team

The top management team at Jediv, has over the years garnered vast experience and expertise in handling complex ODC consignments.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Chawla
Mr. Vikas Chawla
Mr. Gagan Chawla
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Mr. Kusal Putatunda (Manager)
Mob. +91 967430008

Mr. Satadal Karati (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9831047211


Mr. Sambhu Adhikary
Mob. +91 9831043285


Export Documentation
Mrs. Sanchari Banerjee (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9674388807

Mr. Sandip Basak (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9007069129

Import Documentation
Mr. Tapan Ghosh (Manager)
Mob. +91 8100806146

Mr. Rahul Bose (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 8585074790

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