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Break Bulk Cargo import or export to / from India.

Jediv Cargo Management offers a complete and totally professional Break Bulk service that offers a highly reliable service on a global scale. Jediv can accept, handle and deliver any type of break bulk cargo import or export in break bulk to / from India.
With a dedicated team of professionals we can ensure that challenging port operations, and vessel or cargo related operations are completed on schedule. This is made possible with thorough planning and close coordination with concerned port authorities. Jediv also offers its customers the most cost effective solutions due the advantage of handling a large volume of cargo round the year.
On the strength of its relationship and its operating expertise, Jediv also ensures that cargo loading and unloading operations are carried out safely and swiftly through renowned and approved stevedoring firms.
We can carry and deliver a variety of break bulk consignments like steel slabs, steel coils, ingots, beams, timber, rubber, paper pulp and more. Do get in touch to experience our service.

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