Jediv Cargo Management realizes and understands, that the consignments it carries are of a high worth and are vital to its clients and their customers business. These consignments are often carried over long distances, in unpredictable travel and weather conditions. This necessitates the need for following a strict regimen of internationally approved safety guidelines.

At Jediv therefore safety of cargo while handling, loading and while in transit, is of prime importance. We follow a set of safety protocols and procedures that ensure total safety. Lashing, chocking and securing of all cargo is done with quality tested and approved materials, which secure the cargo in place and prevents shifting and costly damage. Our team also ensures that each cargo piece is well covered with water proof material while transportation across the sea to prevent damage from water. Each individual piece of cargo is also marked with prominent and visible safety markings to ensure proper stowage and handling.

In sum, at Jediv we ensure that with total safety we can deliver total service and satisfaction.