Jediv Cargo Management is active in a very niche business vertical – ODC Cargo movement. This has necessitated the nurturing of a core team that is extremely aware of the challenges and also capable of creating innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

The top management team at Jediv, has over the years garnered vast experience and expertise in handling complex ODC consignments. This team is well informed, decisive and knowledgeable about equipment and procedures while moving ODC consignments. They are also aware about all formal protocols and documentation required for ports within the country and in international waters.

What distinguishes this team is that each member takes a personal interest in supervising and ensuring, that every ODC piece is secured and transported carefully and punctually.

This effort has enabled the team to build up confidence in all its clients and also create a relationship of trust over the years.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Chawla - Director

Mr.Vikas Chawla - Director
Mob. +91 9831068840

Mr. Gagan Chawla - Director
Mob. +91 9903176009

Mr. Kusal Putatunda (Manager)
Mob. +91 967430008

Mr. SATADAL Karati (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9831047211


Mr. Mrinal Das (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9674388809

Mr. Sambhu Adhikary
Mr. Manas Mondal

Export Documentation
Mrs. Sanchari Banerjee (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9674388807

Mr. Sandip Basak (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 9007069129
Import Documentation
Mr. Tapan Ghosh (Manager)

Mr. Rahul Bose (Asst. Manager)
Mob. +91 8585074790